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Many years focused on underwear accessories processing customization
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Heng taiThe custom centerProcess center

Dig into details in detail placeEven if it is“Foil”We are better!

The category is complete
01The category is complete
The category is completeHeng tai has a full set of underwear accessories production line,Can meet the demand of the underwear accessories customized production with good quality!
High quality raw material
02High quality raw material
High quality raw materialHeng tai products involved in ink、The paper、Fabrics、Yarn、Plastic、Leather is made straight for cooperation with many years of industry brand manufacturer,High quality raw material from the source to ensure product quality!
Multi-channel quality testing
03Multi-channel quality testing
Multi-channel quality testingAfter years of unremitting study,Heng tai in production、Quality inspection accumulated rich experience and strict standards,From several aspects in detail for each product quality control,To ensure that each product quality!
Excellent quality
04Excellent quality
Excellent qualityExcellent texture show class、Color reduction degree is high!
Choose heng tai hardware four reasons

Choose heng tai underwear accessories four reasons

The pursuit of fine workmanship--Care for women's health and beauty

Underwear production for many yearsTechnology research and development、A new design innovation every seasonThe design innovation, a new weekly

Heng tai focus underwear production for many years,Pay attention to technology research and development and design innovation

Tracking the wind industry,Each season will have new launch

According to the seasons launch

Match for underwear and customize
Fast sample out
The sampling speed is fast.

Heng tai has a large number of professional designers working at the dress collocation

Can according to customer requirements to provide customized solution,Provide product samples

Strictly selected raw material
The beauty of the interpretation quality underwear fashion
Quality and fashion beauty

Heng tai selected metal parts such as raw material

Through the production of warehouse full inspection,All qc inspection,Deliver sampling and so on

A number of quality control procedures to ensure the quality of underwear

Professional customer service one-on-one service
Customer demand response in a timely manner
Customer needs timely response

Heng tai has established the specialized customer service team and customer evaluation mechanism

Specialist is responsible for each customer,Timely feedback after customer questions

CustomCaseCustom case

In accordance with the silk ella
In accordance with the silk ella
According to Mary
According to Mary
Mani Finn
Mani Finn

Hotline:0769-87002202Custom immediately

Professional custom processcustom process

Walk intoHeng tai hardwareAbout us

 Dongguan heng tai hardware technology co., LTD. Was established2017Years,Is a set design and development,Open mould,Production,Processing,The sale is a body comprehensive hardware science and technology enterprises。After many years of experience and precipitation,Heng tai has been out a lot of good cooperation in the field of underwear accessories industry。Now,Heng tai set off again,The icing on the cake for the future underwear accessories industry,Industry level of professional design and technical innovation talents,Product testing and quality assurance system,Over the years,According to the different needs of customers and upgrade,Heng tai strives for perfection,Constant innovation,Broaden the scope of the product,In line with the science and technology,Innovation,Cooperation a win-win business philosophy,Heng tai committed to the fine product,Competitive price and high efficiency,To provide new services to our customers,Gaining the support of the customers。……
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